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  SOFull had been passionate about eating frozen desserts for a long time.  Growing up with a family farm and eating their aunts homemade fudge ripple ice cream at holidays sparked an interest in how it’s done from scratch at a very young age. “We used to try and recreate what she had made with store bought ice cream doctored up but it was never the same”, amongst other reasons since 2014 they have been perfecting their craft gelatos in small batches from home and in restaurants around the Twin cities. Now a fully licensed operation they are excited to bring to you everythjng they’ve learned with passion and nuance added to the mix.
  Today, SOFull proudly serves the Minneapolis/St Paul area and beyond.


Minnesota we love you!

At SOFull, we have a passion for sharing our love of gelato and food in general with everyone we meet. Thanks to our local consumers, amazing vendors, and chefs with whom we’ve built such special relationships, SOFull is becoming a popular Gelato brand. We look forward to serving the Minnesotan community for years to come.


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